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Hi Everyone,

2024 calendar is now up. Online training is still on offer except for those that needed physical classes.

Alypz online training are SBL Khas claimable.

Download our brochure below to choose your dates or contact us for more info.

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Course Offered

ALM 100 Radiation Safety Awareness Training

The course provides the fundamentals of regulatory requirements, policies, and implementation practices for working with and supervising those who work with radioactive materials and irradiating appliances. The aim of this safety awareness training program is to help participants provide a safe environment for employees working in their organizations.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the best practices of protection from radiation risks and accidents

  • Have detailed knowledge and understanding of ionizing radiation and their hazards and risks to our health

  • Understand the legal requirement under Act 304

Training Fee: RM 550 (Single Registration) RM 530 (Team Discount) 

AELB CEP Points: 7

ALM 101 Radiation Protection Training for Officer (Industry, Level 3)

The exposure to radiation sources (TENORM, gauging) and irradiating appliances in various industries are increasing due to rapid development. To minimize radiation exposure, awareness among people dealing with radiation is important. Our radiation training is designed to instil understanding on radiation safety for the protection of workers, member of public and the environment by emphasizing the aspects of radiation protection and safety, in line with the requirement of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984.

Who Should Attend:

Those who are looking to be certified as Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and/or Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), safety officer, manager, supplier, medical officer, and those who are responsible for the safe use of ionising radiation in various activities.

Please note that due to the nature of the physical training which includes radiation handling, pregnant mothers are no longer allowed to participate in this course.

Training Fee: RM 2650 (Single Registration) RM 2550 (Team Discount) 


This training will run concurrently with our ALM100 (Radiation Safety
Awareness Training). On the second day of the training, we will emphasize
on the management of safety and security of radiation by teaching:

  • Radiological emergency procedure planning;

  • Radioactive materials transportation management;

  • Radioactive waste management;

  • Radiation Safety Management System

Training Fee: RM 750 (Single Registration) RM 700 (Team Discount) 

AELB CEP Points: 15


Mercury awareness course is important for all onshore and offshore personnel
who may encounter mercury during their daily operations. This course covers the basic of mercury and provides information regarding the properties of mercury and the hazards it presents-both to people and to the environment. The course describes the equipment used to measure mercury and the personal protective equipment that should be worn when working in an environment where mercury may be present. Some of the other topics covered include the management of waste contaminated by mercury and the first aid measures and emergency response actions that should be taken in the event of mercury contamination.

This course is available per request on your selected venue. Contact us for more info.


The NORM/TENORM Awareness course is designed for the awareness level only. This basic level of NORM/TENORM Awareness Course is designed to inform the employee where they can recognize the hazard and to adhere the safe working procedures when dealing with NORM/TENORM. The Course is typically provided to oil and gas operator employees and other workers who need to understand the risks of working around NORM/TENORM. We can conduct sessions at our facility or a location of your choice.


This course is ONLY available per request on your selected venue. Contact us for more info.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Alypz offers Continuing Medical Education to enhance the doctors and radiographer knowledge regarding the basic of Ionizing Radiation, Radiation Protection, and updates on Radiography technique in Malaysia.

For license renewal or professional development, doctors and radiographer will find high quality, accredited and non-accredited continuing education geared toward radiography assessment for every patient's needs.

Who Should Attend

Doctors, radiographers, trained operator, any employee who are interested in radiation protection / safety awareness.

Training Fee: RM300 (Single Registration) RM350 (Team Discount)

AELB CEP Points: 14

Course Offered

2024 Training Course Schedule

* Team Discount is applicable for 3 pax or above.

** Any courses that hasn't got any price listed, please contact us directly for more information.

*** Price listed are for participants that are not using SBL Khas, please contact us for SBL Khas prices.

Any changes to venue will be notified via email or social media.

Cancellation Policy:
Course cancellation must be done not later than 5 working days to the course date, failing which the full course fee will be charged. Substitution is welcomed anytime before the course start date.



Fill up the form below and our team will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions

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Alypz Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Asia Lab) is a licensed training and consultancy agency approved by the AELB, Malaysia. We provide training and consultancy services for the sectors involved with radioactive materials and irradiating appliances.

All Alypz training are HRDF Claimable (SBL Khas) and does have AELB CEP Points attached.


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