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For over 30 years, Alypz has been in service to some of the biggest industries in making sure that these imperative fields works hand-in-hand with governing bodies to make our environment safer while being productive.

To that end, Alypz has worked tirelessly to evolve our services to better suit our client and the climate needed in the ever-expanding world.

Radiological Services

  • TENORM and LSA Monitoring

  • Radiation and Environmental Assessment Programme

  • TENORM Decontamination Services

  • Radiological Impact Assessment

  • Radiation Safety Analysis

  • Radioactive Balance Analysis

Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Chemical Exposure Monitoring (CEM) as per DOSH guidelines

  • Mercury and Benzene Awareness Training

  • Mercury and Benzene Inspection


  • Radiation Safety Awareness Training

  • TENORM Safety Awareness Training

  • Radiation Protection Training for Officer

  • HAZMAT Awareness Training

Medical Radiation Services

  • Quality Assurance Tests and Certification for Medical X- ray Facilities

  • X- Ray Room Certification


HAZMAT Services

  • HAZMAT Decontamination Services

  • HAZMAT Monitoring Services

  • Hazardous Decontamination Services

  • Mercury and HAZMAT Awareness Training

Radiation Safety Services

  • Radiation Protection & Consultancy Services

  • Radiation Leak Test Services

  • Radiation Protection Program

  • Radiological Emergency Plan

  • Radioactive Security Plan

  • Import/Export & Transportation of Radioactive Materials

  • Disposal of Radioactive Materials

Equipment Supplies

  • Radiation Monitoring Equipment

  • Scientific Laboratory Equipment

  • Medical Equipment

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