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RadiScan G1

The RadiScanTM series provides instrument applicable in various radiation and industrial hygiene services related industries. It is a series of survey meters that are produced as part of a collaboration project between Lumisyns Sdn. Bhd. and Alypz Sdn. Bhd. initiated in 2020.


The Lumisyns RadiScanTM G1 is a certified general-purpose hand-held survey meter, suitable for alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray detection. It is lightweight and can withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to +55 in a variety of applications, such as personal radiation exposure, area monitoring, regulatory compliance, and the detection of radiation leaks and contamination.


The model enables measurement of radiation levels in uSv/hr, uSv, CPS and CPM, and can operate within a range of 0.01 - 1,000 µSv/hr due to its high sensitivity halogen-quenched GM tube. It also has a well-lit background display and clicking audio indicator with a red detection light when levels of radiation are detected. The model can be used to take timed counts, as well as alert a user when a detected radiation level exceeds what is set.

Radiscan G1_edited.jpg
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